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Register or confirm an artwork's unique identity with an adhesive, tamper-evident, NFC-enabled Certificate of Authenticity that timestamps and writes its data to a Blockchain.

Track provenance

Manage your assets and trace the history of a work's ownership back to the original artist or owner through a secure, aggregated record of provenance. 

Monetize your assets

Explore alternative fundraising models or assign artist royalties to collect on sales when ownership is transferred.


Blockchain Art Certificate of Authenticity

Designed with precious artworks in mind, the patented Blockchain Art Certificate of Authenticity is a subtle, yet tamper-evident, adhesive seal, which, once affixed to an artwork, maintains its identity and stays with a work for life. 


  • Tamper-evident material used in passports and IDs

  • Add and access artwork data with mobile NFC devices

  • Permanently register provenance records, securely and privately, to a permissioned Blockchain

  • Available in colors: Foundation White and Holographic

  • Available in 2" round and custom sizes


The Benefits

For Living Artists

Seamlessly register authorship of your artwork

Prevent counterfeits and knock offs

Track provenance, from artwork transport to sales

Economical alternative to traditional authentication

Optional, enforceable artist rights

Secure, distributed blockchain record keeping

For Institutions

One-time artwork authentication

One aggregated, accessible record of provenance

Track artwork, from transport to title transfers

Complements existing authentication practices

Fight counterfeits and knock offs

Secure, distributed blockchain record keeping


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