Brandur Karlsson

"Flowers smell fun" (2018)    24*18    Water soluble oil on canvas

"Flowers smell fun" (2018)


Water soluble oil on canvas


Brandur Karlsson was born in Reykjavik, Iceland, but spent most of his childhood traveling around the world with scientists.  He lost his mobility due to mysterious reasons and has to paint with his mouth. Brandur uses an eye controlled computer to talk with the world and keep up with it's goings on. 

Brandur is the founder of Frumbjorg, a social innovation center, where he and a great team of experienced innovators provide support for entrepreneurs working on health and welfare related innovation. 

Brandur work has been in exhibitions in Reykjavik City Hall and also Copenhagen City Hall. He is a member of the Global Mouth and Foot Painters Association, that supports artists with disabilities in living off their art.  

Brandur also founded the Icelandic Drone Association, and watched the drone technology explode onto the scene as it did. He is now betting on blockchain to provide exciting new challenges and opportunities, and he is proud to be amongst this awesome group of pioneers.

On November 18, 2018, Brandur has an exhibition opening in Reykjavik City Hall that will be streamed in live 360°. There he will sell and auction off 10 paintings through blockchain technology.