"Untitled" (2018)    30x43”    Repurposed fiat and enamel on wood

"Untitled" (2018)


Repurposed fiat and enamel on wood


cryptograffiti was one of the earliest artists in the cryptocurrency space.  His work is dedicated to spreading the crypto/blockchain movement.

cryptograffiti was the first to explore how cryptocurrencies could benefit artists through alternative revenue channels.  In one such experiment, he juxtaposed a public-facing wallet with street art allowing passersby to send bitcoin in support of the pieces.  

cryptograffiti’s current work repurposes materials from industries being disrupted by the blockchain.  These materials will shortly become scarce even though the monetary systems from which they were derived are not.  By incorporating these soon-to-be extinct artifacts in his work he teaches others about the advantages of cryptocurrencies vs the status quo banking sector.

Looking forward, he is excited at how blockchain technology will transform the art world and to play a role in leading this new direction.

Visit his portfolio to learn more here.