David Puck

“Rainbow Warrior” (2018)    27x36"    Spray paint and Oil on Canvas

“Rainbow Warrior” (2018)


Spray paint and Oil on Canvas


David Puck is a young, queer, figurative painter, working in spray paint and acrylic/oil, both in studio and as public murals. They live nomadically and are currently based in California, USA.

Their work studies the queer and fringe – playing with the relationship between abstraction and realism, through bold colour and energetic mark-making – reflecting questions of individuality, normative culture and identity in the contemporary context. In particular they work closely with local queer communities, drawing from their own experience as a queer performance artist and community organiser.

Online advocates include Miz Cracker, Uglyworldwide, Grace Towers, Meatball and Imp Kid. Collectors include Mayim Bialik (TV's 'Big Bang Theory'). They’ve painted murals in Germany, Denmark, UK, The Canary Islands and USA – including as part of the Meeting Of Styles street art festivals.

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