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The Blockchain Art Certificate of Authenticity

BAC combines the functions of the artist's signature, a paper or digital Certificate of Authenticity, and a paper or digital catalogue raisonné into a single, secured identity that stays with an artwork over the course of its life in an accessible manner to artists and arts institutions.

We leverage new technologies to provide unprecedented art authentication, provenance tracking, and rights to living artists, collectors, dealers, and arts institutions alike. The patented Blockchain Art Certificate of Authenticity is a tamper-proof, NFC-enabled seal. Once connected to an artwork, all of its data is registered on a blockchain, now securing, time-stamping, and aggregating provenance records.


A Holistic Identity for a Work of Art

An authenticated object of any kind, including unique artworks and artifacts, has multiple components that are required to validate the claims to an identity. We connect these three components, namely: 1) an object , 2) a secure physical identity, and 3) a secure digital identity.

In the past, all of these components were isolated, creating holes or weaknesses in the ability to prove or rely on provenance claims or authentication documentation. Now, we have united these components so they stay together over the course of an object’s life, which allows for long-term oversight into the life of an individual artwork.

Blockchain Art Identity Diagram

Leveraging New Technology

Today, technology touches just about everything in our lives, and the Blockchain Art Certificate of Authenticity has leveraged its benefits to create an unprecedented and unparalleled form of artwork authentication.

The core of our platform embraces the inevitability of technology by utilizing Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) to innovate and improve upon outdated systems, while seamlessly plugging into existing authentication practices.