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Starter Kits include: Two (2) Blockchain Art Certificates of Authenticity and instructions for use

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Blockchain Art Collective_Starter Kit

The Blockchain Art Certificate of Authenticity

BAC combines the functions of the artist's signature, a paper or digital Certificate of Authenticity, and a paper or digital catalogue raisonné into a single, secured identity that stays with an artwork over the course of its life in an accessible manner to artists and arts institutions.

We leverage new technologies to provide unprecedented art authentication, provenance tracking, and rights to living artists, collectors, dealers, and arts institutions alike. The patented Blockchain Art Certificate of Authenticity is a tamper-proof, NFC-enabled seal. Once connected to an artwork, all of its data is registered on a blockchain, securing, time-stamping, and aggregating provenance records.

Welcome to the new standard of authenticity, provenance, and art asset management for artists and arts institutions.